EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is an 8 phase, integrative, evidence-based trauma treatment that helps individuals heal from traumatic or disturbing life events. Many leading mental health organizations tout EMDR as being the top recommended treatment of choice for trauma and PTSD. EMDR is evidence based and is considered a highly recommended treatment for not only PTSD but for clients experiencing addiction, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and much more.  

EMDR Therapy is designed to help a person identify events that feel stuck and cause distress in their current life. These events can become unprocessed memories that got stored in the brain with disturbing images, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that without treatment may lead to distressing symptoms and behaviors.  

EMDR Therapy uses eye movements (similar to those found in REM sleep) or other methods of bilateral stimulation to “jump start” the information processing that was previously stalled. This helps facilitate the activation of the brain’s inherent system to process and integrate the information that got stuck. EMDR with not erase the memory; rather a person will be able to remember the story without the previous high levels of emotional charge. EMDR also works to strengthen internal resourcing by encouraging positive beliefs about self, confidence to regulate tough emotion, and forgiveness.

For more information on EMDR Therapy: https://maibergerinstitute.com

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