EMDR Therapist

Somatic Therapy

We must learn to build relationships with our emotions, our thoughts, and our physical body in order to promote change, integration, and healing. We all naturally tend to find comfort in one of these areas while often forgetting about or consciously avoiding the others. Finding a way to connect with and learn to communicate with all 3 helps to promote a sense of integration, healing, and change.

While the idea of forming relationships with and getting into the body may sound ideal for some, for others this has been exactly what they have been trying to avoid for years. For various reasons, the body can be an incredibly uncomfortable place to exist. Individuals often spend years trying to numb and/or get out of their bodies for fear of feeling the overwhelm that lives buried within.  With too much time disconnected from the body we can start to lose trust in our gut feeling/intuition as well as begin to lose trust in ourselves.

With this, there is always a delicate approach to “coming home” to the body. We take our time learning to speak as well as listen to what the body has to say. Our bodies have lived life with us and hold onto immense amounts of wisdom. With time, somatic therapy can help individuals learn to integrate the language of the emotions (feelings), the language of the brain (thoughts), and the language of the body (sensations) with the goal of stepping further into our trustiest selves.

As a somatic therapist specializing in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, I work to get to know each of my clients and their story.  We then work together in collaboration from both a somatic and cognitive based approach to support their development and growth in relationship to themselves, others, and their environment.

Let’s get started.