EMDR Therapist

Life Transitions

Whether a sudden big change, a feeling of being unsatisfied, or a long overdue change that needs to take place everyone needs support though big life transitions.  Some reasons you may seek support through transition:

  • death/loss of a loved one
  • change in job/employment
  • transition in parenting role
  • change in relationship
  • post college transition into life
  • general sense of feeling unsatisfied
  • change in life due to pandemic

Together we can navigate the support needed and set goals for the path through this transition.  When our lives are shaken up, generally stuff from the past comes up with it leaving us feeling like we have more to navigate than we originally anticipated.  Again, this is a good time to seek support for all that may be coming up in an already tough time.  You are not alone in struggling with big transitions in life despite it feeling like everyone else must know what to do.  

Please reach out if you have questions around what is coming up for you and are curious if I can be of support.

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